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Bohemian Jasper and Gold Necklace

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Product Details

    • 4mm natural jasper and copper beads
    • 100% cotton tassel
    • 55cm length
    • Sturdy stretch-thread

    This mala-inspired stretch necklace and bracelet was handcrafted with natural earth-made jasper to honor the healing power of inner peace. Known as ‘the stone of tranquility’, jasper has a particularly soothing energy. The calm colors evoke pale Tibetan skies, swirling incense smoke and sun-warmed rock.

    Jasper’s serene vibrations help calm overactive emotions, allowing rational ideas to surface and guide you to your truth. Wear this piece around your wrist or as a necklace when you’re feeling stressed, anxious or uncertain.

    Malas are an ancient Indian meditation tool with origins in Hinduism and Buddhism. The smooth round beads are traditionally used to set intentions, manifest dreams and achieve goals, and the cotton tassel symbolizes our consciousness and connection to the universal life force.

    Placing the Bohemian Jasper and Gold at the top of your yoga mat will help you focus your breath, bring awareness to your movements and tune in to the present moment. When you’re not using this piece hang it on your altar, mirror or bed to increase soothing energy in your living space.

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