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Sterling Silver

Feathery Autumn Ring

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    Embrace your free-spirited side with this elegant silver feather wrap ring.

    This distinctive etched sterling silver ring curves gently around your finger and is inspired by the experience of discovering a lost feather in the forest. It evokes the crisp weather, vivid colors and earthy scent of a woodland walk in autumn, adding a sophisticated bohemian vibe to any outfit.

    In Native American lore, feathers symbolized the might of thunder and wind, whereas the ancient Egyptians believed they represented truth and purity. Dreaming of a feather is said to indicate a yearning for travel, making this an ideal ring for those with wanderlust, a bookshelf full of travel guides or an Insta-gallery filled with enviable holiday snaps.

    Wear this adjustable ring on any finger, either alone as a statement piece or stacked with other bands for a more eclectic look. Squeeze the feather gently for the perfect fit.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review Write a review

    Ashley R.

    All good, and it's a sweet little beauty! Many thanks!

    Hannah M.

    The ring came Tuesday, it is dainty and lovely, exactly as I wanted 🙂

    Morgan McD.

    Thank you! Lovely ring... already getting compliments!

    Leah M.

    Everything arrived safe and sound, and the ginkgo ring is really beautiful. Thank you so much!

    Maxine B.

    Thank you so much for the ring, it is beautiful! Great delivery too.

    Morgan M.

    It's wonderful! I love the ring, beautiful and it fits great, love that it's adjustable. Thank you!!

    Christina G.

    Everything arrived in perfect condition. It is a beautiful piece. I love how light it is and easily adjustable.

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