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Feathery Autumn Ring

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    Embrace your free-spirited side with this elegant silver feather wrap ring.

    This distinctive etched sterling silver ring curves gently around your finger and is inspired by the experience of discovering a lost feather in the forest. It evokes the crisp weather, vivid colors and earthy scent of a woodland walk in autumn, adding a sophisticated bohemian vibe to any outfit.

    In Native American lore, feathers symbolized the might of thunder and wind, whereas the ancient Egyptians believed they represented truth and purity. Dreaming of a feather is said to indicate a yearning for travel, making this an ideal ring for those with wanderlust, a bookshelf full of travel guides or an Insta-gallery filled with enviable holiday snaps.

    Wear this adjustable ring on any finger, either alone as a statement piece or stacked with other bands for a more eclectic look. Squeeze the feather gently for the perfect fit.

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