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Sterling Phoenix Bangle

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    Glorious woman, you are a phoenix. Beautiful and fierce, you burn brighter than the stars.

    The mythical phoenix is a symbol of strength, rebirth, transformation and clarity. Ancient Greek stories tell how this magnificent firebird lives for several hundred years before being consumed by flames. It is then reborn to spread its wings and rise from the ashes, stronger and mightier than ever.

    Wear this bangle to remind yourself how powerful, beautiful and determined you are.

    Handcrafted from the highest-quality solid sterling silver, this intricately carved phoenix bangle makes a stunning gift for any strong woman in your life. The shimmering silver color has a dynamic feminine energy, and is believed by many to reflect away negativity and evil intentions.

    • 5.5 cm diameter
    • 925 Sterling Silver
    • Handcrafted
    Our Core Values Hand-crafted packaging:
    Made in the USA

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