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The Eight Trigrams Necklace

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    This 108 Mala Eight Trigram prayer necklace is handmade by highly skilled Tibetan craftsmen.

    The eight spar-kha correspond to the Eight Elements and eight cardinal points or directions. The following chart lists the spar-kha their corresponding Chinese equivalent and their directions.

    1. ☰ the Creative Force, Sky: Khen (Ch: Qian 乾); direction: North West
    2. ☱ the Joyous, Lake: Dva (Ch: Dui 兌); direction: West
    3. ☲ the Radiant Sun, Fire: Li (Ch: Li 離); direction: South
    4. ☳ the Arousing, Thunder: Zin (Ch: Zhen 震); direction: East
    5. ☴ the Gentle, Wind: Zon (Ch: Xun 巽); direction: South East
    6. ☵ the Abysmal, Water: Kham (Ch: Kan 坎); direction: North
    7. ☶ the Calm, Mountain: Gin (Ch: Gen 艮); direction: North East
    8. ☷ the Receptive, Earth: Khon (Ch: Kun 坤); direction: South West
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