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Mala Collection

“Traditional malas - handcrafted in Tibet”


Lotus & Crystal Bracelet

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Malas are strands of 108 beads plus the "guru" bead which are traditionally used for meditation and prayer. Malas are most commonly made with wooden beads from the tulsi plant (known as rudraksha), sandalwood, animal bone, wood or seed from the Bodhi Tree (considered a sacred tree with much ancient symbolism) or from the lotus plant. Semi-precious stones like jade, amethyst, carnelian and many other symbolic materials are also often used.

Today it is common to see malas being used as wearable yoga pieces (as either a necklace or multi-layer bracelet wrap), many designers combine gemstones imbued with energies and sacred meaning to help infuse your practice.

Our mala selections are handmade pieces created in Tibet with natural and traditional materials by master craftsmen.